I’m Fary De Leon, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Fary De Leon has committed more than 20 years of her life to serving people and helping Spanish speaking families navigate the Social Service Systems in New York City.
Fary De Leon was born in The Dominican Republic and from a young age was devoted to Jesus Christ. In 1986 she then immigrated to New York City, United States of America to pursue the American Dream. She came to this country determined to realize her goal and dreams. Therefore, she took classes to speak and learn English technical courses which then opened doors to professional environments.

For over 13 years, she worked for children and family services. Here she acquired opportunities to experience training in the areas of social services and community development which granted her emotional and financial stability.

In 2010 she faced death from an incurable form of cancer, a marriage that was kept up for appearances and had come to the point of losing everything she had worked so hard to attain. After several months recuperating from her illness, she had the opportunity to work towards realizing her dream and goal to empower others to achieve their highest potential, no matter what the obstacles or how difficult the challenges they face.

In 2011 Fary founded Latin Women Empower FACES (Latin FACES) a grassroots non-profit organization headquartered in New York City. Latin FACES primary goal is to promote Health Awareness in the Latino Community with a strong focus on advocacy, support to educate around prevention and early detection of cancer. During this time, she devoted herself solely to the goal of promoting health and disease prevention among Latinos. To this day, Latin FACES has organized the first ever “Latinos Walk for a Cancer Free Future” . The very first walk in 2011 was held in Manhattan where over 3,000 participants attended. In 2015 Latin FACES then organized a walk in the Dominican Republic where the initiative is planning to open a center to support and empower women undergoing treatment. Today in New York City over 50,000 attendees have joined the efforts of this non profit where yearly numbers continue to grow.

Awards and Recognitions

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Are you ready to walk for a cancer free future?